Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Instrumental in Having False Rape Case Dismissed

People often wonder why it's important to hire an attorney who has the right experience. Aren't all attorneys essentially the same? A recent case in Illinois demonstrates why it's so crucial to hire a lawyer who has experience in the appropriate area of law.

The case of “Allister McIntyre”

Allister McIntyre didn't live very far from the factory where he worked. While his car was in the shop, he decided to walk to and from work. Along the way, he passed in front of an apartment building. A young girl was playing out in front of it. Immediately after he turned the corner, she raced inside and told her mother that she'd just seen the man who had raped her.

McIntyre had never been in any serious legal trouble. The only lawyer he knew was one he had hired for a real estate transaction, so that's who he called. The attorney in question had limited criminal defense experience, and McIntyre put his freedom on the line by retaining him. Fortunately, it ended in a hung jury due to just one undecided juror.

McIntyre’s lawyer called me to help with the potential retrial. When I reviewed the evidence, it was clear that McIntyre could not have been the rapist — he was scientifically excluded. This knowledge could have brought the trial to a screeching halt and gotten the charges dropped. The failure to challenge the forensic evidence instead put McIntyre and his family in a tense, panicked state for months awaiting the jury verdict.

When the charges are serious, a criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference

The case of Allister McIntyre highlights the importance of hiring a lawyer with focused experience in the particular area of law. Entrust your freedom and your future to an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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